Synapse 2023- Building Back: Envisioning the Future of Nursing.  

After 3 years, and with excitement, we are pleased to announce that Synapse Nursing Symposium is back! Save the Date for Wednesday, June 7th, 2023.   

During the time away from the symposium, St. Lawrence College has created the stand-alone nursing degree and formed the School of Nursing, encompassing both the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Practical Nursing programs. For the first time, this conference will bring together both programs to collaborate and explore nursing scholarship and innovation through a bigger lens. With a fresh look, the planning committee is presenting the symposium theme of Building Back: Envisioning the Future of Nursing.   

The symposium will be discussing how the nursing profession is moving forward in a post COVID health care system. Diving into how nurses, faculty and students are overcoming challenges using innovative strategies; looking at building resilience and self-care, and how to a promote diverse and strong workforce that can respond more effectively to patients.   

We are looking forward to hosting an exciting and informative event at the Kingston Event and Meeting Facilities as we welcome you back to the Synapse Nursing Symposium 2023.   Please Save the Date for Wednesday, June 7th, 2023.   

Maha Othman and Kali Conboy . Co-chairs, Synapse Planning Committee 2023  

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