Introducing our Afternoon Keynote Speaker, Jennifer Waite, RN, MNSc

We are excited to introduce you to our afternoon keynote speaker for the Synapse 2023 Nursing Symposium which will be held on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 in St. Lawrence College–Kingston Campus with the theme Building Back: Envisioning the Future of Nursing.

Jennifer Waite, RN, MNSc

Jennifer Waite, RN, MNsc, will be presenting the keynote address “Shifting the Nursing Paradigm: A Braided Approach to Restore, Rebuild, and Harness our ThriveAbility.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from St. Lawrence College, Jennifer went to work in areas of acute, critical, and transitional care nursing in Kingston.  Her experiences as a registered nurse fueled her motivation to better understand how the processes of compassion for self and others can strengthen nurses and nursing students’ ability to thrive while facing the extreme stress of the health care system. Jennifer went on to obtain her Master’s in Nursing Science at Queen’s University, wherein her thesis was focused on discovering the vital role of self‑compassion not only to nursing practice, but also as a key ingredient of a trauma‑informed approach. Jennifer’s research revealed the potential of using self‑compassion techniques to manage one’s emotions, deepen self‑awareness, foster compassion for others, and build personal resilience. Jennifer is convinced the future of nursing should include a braided approach to fostering a resilient nursing workforce using a trauma informed lens, self‑compassion practice, and building connections.

We look forward to your participation and having you with us to welcome Jennifer in our symposium.

The 2023 Synapse Planning Committee

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